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Itís always advised that Buyers have a survey, to ensure that they are fully aware of any physical problems with the property before committing to a purchase.† There is no obligation on the Seller to disclose any physical defects. Similarly, unless up to date gas and electrical safety certificates are available, it is advised that central heating/boilers and electrical systems are checked by a competent professional before exchange of contracts. If you are having a mortgage, then your lender will arrange for a valuation to be carried out. This is not a survey. It is simply designed to establish that the property is sufficient security for the loan. This video is part of series of frequently asked questions on purchasing/selling residential property. For more information, visit morrishsolicitors.com. Email:†info@morrishsolicitors.com Tel: 033 3344 9600 https://www.morrishsolicitors.com/ Morrish Solicitors LLP Oxford House, Oxford Row Leeds, LS1 3BE

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