Chased into his Destiny Best Selling African Novel New release on Amazon

A captivating story set in Africa about a young African man Nwafor who had a deep desire to become a priest of the Roman Catholic Church.  However his closeness to the Church and the local priest became a source of concern to the family who at a meeting decided to a find a way to separate him from the Catholic Church by sending him away to a far away city under the tutelage to learn a trade, become a family man thereby passing on his late father's name to the next generation as the only son As fate would have it, Nwafor's foster parents were strong Catholics that not only allowed him to live through his childhood dream but supported it.  A thought provoking and inspirational story about a young boy chased from his home, dream and mentor only to end up in the direction of his destiny. Highly recommended best selling book now available on Amazon at

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